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What to Read When You Don’t Want to be THAT Person by Leaving

Dec 16, 2021

We hear stories from a lot of folks and there seems to be a common theme amongst them that resonates with many of us. They hate their jobs, but they don’t want to be the person that the associate or former colleagues walk up and down the hallway talking sh*t (and possibly start rumors about) about for leaving.

“Did you hear they left? They couldn’t cut it here. They weren’t made for this type of environment. They just weren’t smart enough to hack it. They didn’t have student loans, so nothing kept them here.”

Let’s get one thing straight, these comments these associates and former colleagues are sharing amongst themselves and with the office have NOTHING to do with them (or you)!

The associate who goes door-to-door bashing them for leaving the office has an impossible time sitting with the fact that (1) someone disapproves of their own choices, (2) someone used their autonomy to make different choices, and (3) said partner or said associate may have contributed in large part to their dissatisfaction.

That campaign to make sure you know that they’re weak is really that person’s poor attempt to make themselves feel strong. So STOP repeating their narrative in your head every time you think about quitting. So in this next line, every time the word ‘they’ pops up, replace it with your name.

They are strong. They are brave. They prioritize themself over what anyone thinks.

So, be them. Don’t be the jerk whose ego desperately needs you to agree that they are undesirable. That person is miserable.

If they are happy with where they’re (read: you’re) at, what do all those opinions amount to at the end of the day?

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