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What You’re Not Getting From Your Job – Boundaries Edition

Oct 13, 2021

Setting boundaries are HARD, we get it.

But you’ve got to start somewhere – anywhere. Because the destination through this difficult journey can be so rewarding. So why not begin it here, with us?

When it comes to enforcing boundaries, the first step is to ask yourself: what is the dream? Usually when someone hits you with that question, the typical response is something along the lines of wide eyes and awkward ‘ummm.”Because the reality is that we’ve never really had the chance to think about it. So, think about it. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you, sis. Here are some questions to ask yourself when creating boundaries and make you (and us) cheer when you do:

  1. First things first: What does your dream life would look like?
  2. What’s your list of demands (AKA what do you want out of your job)?
  3. List’em and start with one!
  4. Set a minimum number of times per week and determine what you’re going to enforce this boundary.
  5. If you’re not able to hit the minimum of times per week, why?
  6. What can you change and what can you put in place to make you more successful?

When setting boundaries, start with listing the different activities that’d make up your dream life. Want some inspo? One of our favorite examples of demands is setting your cut-off time. Just because your colleagues are burning the midnight oil doesn’t mean you have to be. And make sure that the transition from work to rest is gradual over a couple of days a week.

Word of caution: Don’t. Let. Your. Boundaries. Stop. Your. Progress.

These boundaries aren’t meant to turn you away from work but empower you, so you aren’t overrun with it.

Start to trust in your voice by setting a minimum number of hours per week and committing to them.

Commitment is key, ya’ll.

If setting the boundary doesn’t work, pause, and assess why. Take it from us, if someone emails you during your resting hours, email them so that the person knows that you’re unavailable and you’ll feel SO GOOD knowing that YOU placed that boundary.

But to feel this feeling that is oh-so-good, you need to try. Try putting these boundaries in place at your current job because never know what’s going to happen if you say and express what it is that you want and try to work towards it. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll become stronger at exercising your boundary muscle. Either way, it’s a win-win even if one is harder than the other. And just like you, we like to WIN.

Need some more inspo when writing your demands? Listen to our podcast for more examples that’ll definitely get your juices flowing!



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