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You’ve Wanted to Quit for Months (Maybe Years) and Haven’t

Oct 1, 2021

Commitment is hard, y’all. Like, real hard.

Especially when we’ve been spinning our wheels at a job we hate. And it takes time, sometimes time that we don’t think we have. But to be the best versions of ourselves and get to the places we wanna be, we have to put in the work. 

Now, let’s be real. You have probably been feeling this way for a while about your job. Weeks? Months? Years? And that’s okay! There are probably two reasons why you haven’t made a commitment to change: 

  1. You think you have limited options and can only stay in your field of work. 
  2. You are overwhelmed by the thought of quitting your job and the unknown future that follows.

It’s scary to take a leap of faith. But I want you to know something, neither of these reasons should be holding you back. You went through 4+ years of college and came out with a degree that shows you are smart, disciplined, focused, dedicated, etc. Yeah, you did that sis and you should be PROUD. Because this knowledge can be beneficial in any area of work, not just the one you went to school for. 

Now, if you are feeling overwhelmed, that is normal.

Who doesn’t feel this way when taking on a new challenge? But you have the ability to make yourself less overwhelmed. All you have to do is take a little time each day for yourself. You can look at other jobs that interest you, update your resume, send an email to someone in your network. It is okay to put YOU first during this time. And let me tell y’all something, approaching this big, scary change piece by piece, makes the process of change A. Whole. Lot. Easier.

 If y’all only take away one thing it’s this: you are the one in control of your future. 

Every time you miss that appointment with yourself, you are saying the work that you do for other people, the clients you serve, are more important than you. 

Yeah, nope. That is not how you should treat yourself. 

It is time to put YOU first and make the change you need. Listen to our podcast or give us a follow for more entrepreneurship tips and inspiration: 





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