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Mistakes We Made As Brand New Entrepreneurs

Dec 3, 2021

When starting a business, making mistakes is basically a given and the struggles are real. We all make mistakes but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. It’s important to learn and grow from them. When knowledge is gained from mistakes it means the new content you are creating is only gonna get better.

It’s essential you don’t shy away from these mistakes. You may fall flat on your face, but sis, that’s okay! Everyone does it, especially new business owners. And it’s helpful to hear from other people about their mistakes because it can teach you how to avoid them.

When we first started SideBiz SMART, many hiccups occurred, like for real, A LOT.

And if we had any direction or input from others, we might have been able to avoid a few of these. So here are the three most common mistakes we made when getting started:

  1. Trying to appeal to every single person and creating a very broad target audience.

This does not bring in more traction to your site like you think it will. It just means you are going to have a very broad approach when trying to sell your product, and most people will not bite. So, instead narrow your target audience down to unique characteristics. For example, if you created socks for people with one extremely long toe, you’d probably find that you’ll excel in this market, since not everyone can offer the same product.

2. Spending too much time and money on your website.

Your business is most likely gonna go through some changes from start to end. Don’t waste time and money making the perfect website. Because, honestly, a lot of those ideas and concepts might get deleted in the long run. Let experience guide how you want your website (or sites) to look and allow yourself to change your mind. You can also use templates that cost anywhere between $35-$300. These will save you so much time and money.

3. Only limiting yourself to one post or reminder a day.

Posting once a week about a product you are selling, ain’t gonna convince people to buy your product. You have to beat your customer continuously on the head with reminders, encouragement and posts. The more they see your product the more they are gonna think about having it. You might feel annoying at the beginning, but once you see people biting on your product you aren’t gonna want to stop feeding them with information.

Remember mistakes will happen!

BUT, it’s okay because you can learn from them. These are a few mistakes we have made during this crazy process, and they have only helped us grow. If you want to hear more advice on how to avoid and learn from your mistakes take a look and listen at our Podcasts episodes or follow us along for more biz advice @sidebizsmart.



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