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After years of playing along in Corporate America...

...You're wondering what your life would be like with more autonomy & Freedom

But your experience & exposure has only demonstrated success in a traditional corporate structure.

Making full-time income as your own boss is absolutely possible if you apply the SideBiz SMART Model I've used to launch & grow my business to 6-figure business in less than 18 months.

-- Wake up without anxiety & dread for the day

-- Be wildly passionate about your life's work

-- Succeed outside of the stifling, oppressive & biased 9-5s

-- Gain back autonomy of your well-being, your health & your time

It's entirely possible to:

You have an idea you've seen other folks make money from, but you can't seem to identify how you can do the same

Does this sound like you?

You're working a job you don't love and dream about autonomy and freedom as your own boss

You have a passion project you'd like to elevate from expensive hobby to profitable business

You're inspired to start a business but you're in the extremely early stages and want to get a little more into place before you make any huge investments into your idea

You're current job is crazy busy, and you don't have the time (or energy) to waste in researching the strategies for success or make expensive mistakes

After successfully replacing my multiple six-figure income in 18 months & helping dozens of lawyers & other risk-averse, high achieving professionals begin profitable side hustles, I've noticed common obstacles folks face when trying to get their sidebiz off the ground

It's time to stop allowing the years of dissatisfaction to accumulate and custom design a life of Freedom That you love.

You know that being an entrepreneur may address all the issues you have with your current career, and you just need a solid blueprint to be able to use the limited time you have to come correct & make real money.

So, are you ready to do the damn thing?

My SideBiz SMART Launch Academy is designed to guide you through those critical, foundational, beginning steps of a successful sidebiz with the accountability you need so you can feel confident that you are building a REAL business that can one day comfortably allow you to ditch corporate america and begin living a truly rich life as an entrepreneur. 

12 weeks

We will focus on planting and nurturing the seed (i.e., your business idea) you have for your business. Our primary focus will be on understanding your business’s core foundations, niche and target market, gaining clarity on how to build an online presence, create your online assets and develop your entrepreneur mindset. 

during our


you’ll learn:

In the Launch Academy

Thinking like an entrepreneur and set clear intentions for your business

Keys to an Entrepreneurial Mindset


Getting clear on your business, setting you legal and banking foundations and creating a plan to integrate your new business into your life

laying the foundations


Establishing your product suite, gaining clarity on your offers and setting your pricing with confidence

Creating streams of income


Developing your brand’s messaging, identity and creating and launching you business website

mastering your message


Announcing your business out into the world with a bang

Launching your business


"After working with Janelle, I found a greater sense of confidence in my ability to build my dream. That may sound cheesy, but I didn't think I had the time to make my business idea great. I thought the partnerships I desired were out of reach based on my experience in the industry, but I quickly realized I am more experienced in my 'why' than I gave myself credit for, and while working with Janelle (and her hard ass love nudges of advice), I landed a partnership with the largest furnishing authority in the world...the world, Craig.
The best part about my time with Janelle is now I know my success is possible. Seeing how much we were able to accomplish in just 2 months has been mind blowing. I now believe anything is possible if you break it down and focus on taking small bites of the bigger picture. I am now seen and respected as a whole ass designer, standing firmly in a space I created."

- Ashley

"I have quadrupled my side business income in the months since I have worked with Janelle, I have expanded my services, and I have been ready to pivot as opportunities have presented themselves. Janelle is great at noticing the little things that can lead to great change and continuously encourages and supports me as I adjust and grow in my current practice. The value of the services that she provides equals the investment and is well worth it. In the program, I have learned from the other group members, and we worked through some of those tough business questions that come up along the way together. Our coaching calls are both encouraging and informational. Group members will gain significant knowledge and insight when they join this comprehensive and informational program." 

- Irnise


the SideBiz SMART Launch Academy program

Bi-weekly Strategy + Q&A Sessions

Personalized business feedback + audits

Private members-only community

Customizable business website template

Detailed framework and templates for official business launch, including social media and website development

Access to mindset resource library and intensive CEO mindset coaching

Trainings covering messaging, brand presence, marketing, pricing, key administrative tips & top tech resource recommendations 

Support Duration

12 weeks

I’m Janelle.


I'm a career & digital media strategist, which is a fancy way to say that I help miserable people reinvent their careers, and I'm REALLY GOOD at it when that reinvention involves social or digital media. 

After 6 years as a corporate BigLaw attorney, I transitioned from running my coaching & consulting business as a side business to my full-time career just 12 MONTHS after launching my website. In my year of successful side hustling, I learned a LOT...

After working with hundreds of clients to define their passions, execute business visions & launch successful side businesses, I'm ready to share all I've learned, taught and acquired to help your side business thrive

I went from side hustler to successful full-time entrepreneur in 12 months flat

You are passionate about addressing a problem in the world with your product, service and/or retail location

You want to use a personal brand and/or social media to market and sell your products and/or services

You are unsure what sidebiz you'd like to get into

You hate social media and have no intent of incorporating it into your business venture

You are not financially ready or able to make the investment necessary to grow your business profitably

You are serious about building a sidebiz that could make real income and could one day be your full-time career (or at least be a substantial revenue source)

You're a good fit if:

This is not a great fit if:

Application-Based Program

This is an

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that works best for you

Pay Monthly

Pay in Full

6 payments of $995

$5,000 (save 20%)

No monthly installments

We are proud to offer accessible payment plan options. Choose whichever plan works best for you! 

Just a one-time payment and savings!

3-month access to complete program & curriculum in the Launch Academy

Bi-weekly live group coaching calls

Members-only community forum and private Mighty Network group

Customizable business website & other critical launch templates

Customizable business website & other critical launch templates

Members-only community forum and private Mighty Network group

Bi-weekly live group coaching calls

3-month access to complete program & curriculum in the Launch Academy

Apply + Pay monthly

Apply + Pay in full

Need more flexibility with payments?

We now offer 3rd party funding which means you could join for as low as $170/month (depending on your credit score).

There’s no money down required, no payment due for your first 30 days, AND you can pay it off early at any time with no penalties!

There’s no risk to apply as it’s soft pull, so your credit score is not affected. But you’ll get pre-approved in just a couple hours!

We got you!

submit your application today

**Approved Launched Academy applicants will receive additional details on how to take advantage of this funding source

“I always assumed I didn't have the time or capital to make my business what I dreamed -- I was wrong AF. Janelle has helped me launch and elevate my business week by week. No hypotheticals, no one size fits all. I'm booked out for three months because of the work I did with her. She's smart, she knows what works, she's walking the walk and she makes this shit so easy to implement. Oh, and she doesn't drag these things along to get you to "need" her longer, which was something I was always concerned about in hiring a coach.”

“When I first started working with Janelle, I had no LLC, no clear vision for my nothing. Within the first two months, I got my first PAID client (and had 5 more booked clients before the program was over). Janelle gave me more than just the outline for a business. She gave me the confidence, clarity and belief that what I dreamt could all be real, and more importantly, my reality.”


Great question! We would never want you to be unhappy. Due to the digital nature of the program, refunds are not offered, but we will do everything possible to rectify any dissatisfaction. 

What is your refund policy?

No worries! All coaching calls will be recorded and added to the private, members-only community. If you have a question, you can submit it, and I'll answer it on the call for replay. I'll also be answering any & all questions posed on the community board as well.

What if I miss a coaching session?

Janelle hosts 1 hour bi-weekly coaching calls at noon (every other Tuesday of the program). Outside of each call, we recommend allocating at least 5 hours per week to learning and execution.

what is the time commitment for this program?

Great question! I'm capping membership at 20 total members to ensure everyone can get personalized and catered attention. Ain't nobody getting lost in the sauce, friend.

How many members will be enrolled? Will I get lost? 

Yes! We have two payment plan options -- one as low as $170/month to make the program as accessible as possible.

Are payment plans available?

You will gain access to the curriculum and materials immediately upon enrollment. Your membership begins on your first coaching call.

When does the program start and end?

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the SideBiz SMART Launch Academy

You're tired of having your time controlled by someone else...
It's exhausting dealing with corporate micro-aggressions and BS...
It's frustrating watching other folks achieve freedom while you feel stuck...
It sucks constantly wondering if you'll ever achieve the autonomy you so badly desire...

The time to apply for these programs is now. Don't let another year go by with you still miserable. Build the exact life you want from scratch.