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It’s Not You, It’s Corporate America

Nov 9, 2021

Let’s be real here. Law firms and other corporate spaces create a terrible work environment. And it’s because most of the people there hate their jobs.

Rightfully so.

It’s hard to be happy in a workplace that cares more about the results, than what people had to go through to get them.

That’s what we mean when we say that it’s not just one job or one boss that ain’t clicking; it’s the whole damn container. Stuffing yourself into a mold you were never meant to fit isn’t a way to live, boo. It’s why we tell our clients that the solution isn’t a job change; it’s to ditch the whole thing.

The key is entrepreneurship.

Replacing your income (or sometimes making MORE), creating your own hours, setting your schedule and having full freedom over your life is sounding pretty good these days.

But we’re not here to say that the transition out of corporate America isn’t hard. Cause it is. And for anyone who says otherwise is wrong. It’s hard to understand when it’s time to quit because you don’t know what’s really on the other side. Especially when your current job makes you feel:







Can we be honest? It’s not okay that this environment creates a place where you don’t feel safe or appreciated. No one, seriously NO ONE wants to work in an environment like this. If you were happy and enjoyed your work experience and the culture, do you think you would quit? Hell no!

This culture was constructed to work you to the bone and make you hate your life. AND FOR WHAT? Did these firms and businesses build the model this way on purpose? Was it part of the plan to take bright-eyed, brilliant, eager young people, beat the emotional shit out of them and turn around to convince them they should be grateful for it…?

And the sad part is these companies don’t care how much pain and suffering they cause their employees. They just want to be the smartest, wealthiest, and best out there.

BUT, you know who does care, programs and life coaches.

So it’s time for you to take that next step, and QUIT. Programs will be here to guide you through all the steps to starting your new biz and career. With all the help that is out there, you can create a work environment you’re excited to go to everyday and build the exact life you want for yourself.

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