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Early Biz Mistakes

Oct 29, 2021

When starting your biz, it’s easy to make mistakes. Everyone does. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you identify potential mistakes and how to swerve them.

Mistake #1: Not researching info about the vendors before hiring them!

It’s easy to fall under their spell when they charm you into making a deal with them. So much so that, in no time, you WANT to hand over wads of cash.

That brings us to lesson #1: Ask for referrals! Have you ever gone through a hellacious experience that’ll leave you hesitant to trust other third parties? If yes (or no), note the importance of providing your customer with a mind-blowing customer experience.

If your customer isn’t satisfied, your business won’t be satisfied. 

In other words, your biz experience will be just as bad as their customer experience. Those unsatisfied customers will go out into the streets and bad-mouth your experience. Not all publicity is good publicity, especially if it ruins your street cred.

Mistake #2: Throwing money at solutions rather than paying for a roadmap.

Otherwise known as, paying someone to do something for you because you don’t have time. Yeah, we don’t recommend that. Instead, pay for a roadmap so that you learn how to do something yourself.

Roadmaps are so important because you want someone to teach you the skills necessary to build a successful business. 

Roadmaps help you understand how to do everything in your business, why it’s important and why it’s in place. However, there are instances where it would be too time-consuming. For example, if it would take you a long time to learn a skill, we don’t recommend getting a roadmap.

So, lesson #2, rather than getting a roadmap that’s super time-consuming, get a roadmap that teaches you how to build your biz. Coaching is a great first step that’ll lead you to exciting destinations!

Mistake #3: Opting into 1v1 coaching instead of group coaching

We often opt into one on one coaching because we want customized help. But in reality, these sessions are typically used to help you with whatever is “bleeding” the most (i.e. targeted help) rather than learning the big picture (i.e. the roadmap).

Lesson #3: Opt in to group coaching and absorb the knowledge from those around you.

In a group, you can learn from one another and leverage each other’s audiences in a way that benefits everyone.

Mistake #4: Getting distracted, discouraged, and overwhelmed by the 9 to 5 instead of staying focused

When we get overwhelmed by the workload or discouraged after receiving negative remarks, we often dwell on it and find a short-term alternative. It’s better to focus on building something better for yourself. When you build something good and tangible for yourself, you can jump ship before anyone notices. So, lesson #4: Don’t get wrapped up in the feedback! Focus on the building.

You have the power to control your mind and your results. 

When you control your thoughts, you control how you feel, your actions, and ultimately your results. 

The biz that you’ve built from those results is bigger than the job that tries to keep you down.

Want to learn more about how to build your biz by learning from these mistakes? Check out our podcast!



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