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7 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Hate Your Job

Oct 1, 2021

We’ve all been there: hating our job, feeling stuck, and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes it’s hard to define what makes us hate our jobs. SideBiz SMART has seven questions to ask yourself so that next time someone asks you why you truly hate your job, you have a better answer than “I just do.”

  1. What characteristics do you hate about your job? 

2. What characteristics or core values do you enjoy about your job?

3. What is a reason (other than money) you chose your line of work? What core value of yours did it fulfill?

4. What is your dream job, without worrying about the salary?

5. How much does that dream job pay? It might be more than you thought.

6. Is there a way to make this dream job work with your lifestyle?

7. If not, what is the next closest job to this that can work with your lifestyle, and still has some of your core values?

When struggling with a job that causes more stress and sadness than fulfillment, it’s important to ask yourself these 7 questions.

And these questions aren’t us advocating you to leave your job immediately. They’re meant for an open and honest conversation with yourself about what you want your career life to look like. If you’re feeling stuck, dreading heading back to your workspace, not in control of your schedule, constantly working off the clock (on stuff you aren’t even proud of), then PAUSE. Take a moment for yourself. Because this corporate world ain’t for you. You are ready to start the freedom and flexibility entrepreneurship offers. And y’all we are here to guide you through that journey, STEP by STEP. 

It’s time you stop feeling small and miserable at work every day.

These 7 questions are a start to your new and exciting career journey. They can help you find better options. And we 100% believe that’s entrepreneurship. With entrepreneurship, you are able to follow your dreams and leave all the BS behind. You don’t have to mindlessly go through your days. You’re in control now. And if you’re ready to take the next step of this journey then give us a follow and a listen. 

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